The war for talent and attitude is all around us: Attracting the right talents while retaining your current employees is today’s ultimate HR-challenge. The world of work is evolving every year: Job cuts, social media, mobile devices, wearables and the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence have a profound impact on the workplace. Digesting change is however easier for some than others. Maintaining the health and wellness of your co-workers while keeping productivity high and absenteeism low will continue to be your focus. At ViCre we know what it takes.

We strongly believe in the power of people as the main driver for change. Because the right cocktail of expertise, people and emotion can make every organization grow wings and find a new direction. Through workshops, meetings and outdoor events, we build knowledge, trust and self-reliance. We shift minds to unlock true potential, until everyone commits to the cause and thinks and acts on the new pulse of your enterprise.

Lifelong learning and personal contribution management are key in our approach. Happy employees in a stimulating work environment with a peaceful work-life balance are our common goal. Because employee retention and workforce management is all about knowing how to keep the music playing and understanding what in your employer brand makes talents stay or go. 


Enterprise Excellence

Since business perspectives constantly shift, your organisation will have to swiftly respond to market opportunities as they present themselves and adjust direction from time to time. To keep up and adapt the internal speed of your organization to the pace of the outside world, you should continuously improve and reinvent your organization. But, how do you keep daily operations, profits and innovation in balance?


Sales Excellence

There is an easy way to distinguish between successful salespeople and amateurs: the ladies and gents that nail it have a system and apply it consistently...However, when you have to achieve more results with less time and resources, relying on individual talent and goodwill won’t suffice as a long-term strategy.  So - ask yourself - do you have a sales system supporting your sales people to become sales excellent?

Kickstarter modules

The building blocks

In order to accompany our customers to their objectives we have developed multiple modules, all based on years of experience. These modules are building blocks for our Excellence-programs or can be used as stand alone tracks. They combine effectivity, efficiency and execution to make sure you and your team think and act in a single heartbeat, and learn to follow through. Discover our kickstarter modules here.