From Sales erosion to Sales explosion

ViCre deep dives into enterprises to better implement present and future goals.

In control of your business through Sales Excellence

Sales leaders are always in the middle of the kitchen, because they like the heat. An excellent, futureproof, long-lasting sales department demands however endurance and strong, sustainable sales leadership. Leadership that will monitor and correct on both quantity and quality, on progress and content non-stop. Because there is more pressure than ever on the sales department. Customers are more demanding. Shareholders and superiors expect more revenue and better reporting at lesser costs.

  • Ask a salesperson why he was not able to sell, and he will reply with a long and detailed list of possible reasons (shrinking market, price is too high, not the right product, lack of marketing initiatives,...).
  • Ask a salesperson why he was able to sell and it will sound like his unique talent was the main key to success.

There is however an easy way to distinguish between successful salespeople and amateurs: the ladies and gents that nail it have a system and apply it consistently.

“Is there a sales system supporting your sales people to become sales excellent?”
— Ask yourself...


For ViCre sales excellence means a perfect synergy between strong leadership, an integrated sales department, a competent crew, good tools and a streamlined sales process. When you have to achieve more results with less time and resources, relying on individual talent and goodwill won’t suffice as a long-term strategy. You need to optimize your sales effectiveness and efficiency to deal with increasing expectations. You need a Sales System.

Targeted, activity-based planning

A smart planning is based on taking well-informed and conscious decisions on where to sell what. It means also deciding where you will not or no longer sell, and sticking to that decision.


Build customer empathy

The basis for a good customer relationship is mutual trust. Trust is built step by step. Asking sincere questions and listening sincerely to the answers of your customers instead of shoving your message down their throats is a very, very good start.


Only make proposals that lead to a contract

Why investing your efforts in drafting proposals that no customer will ever agree upon? Too many sales people do it every day, though, arguing: ‘Otherwise they won’t ask us again.’ ‘They’ll think we’re arrogant’. Better spend your time on prospects that will buy.

A reliable forecast

A coherent sales vision is hyper aligned with the company’s overall vision. This implies that your sales department is fully integrated in the company’s value and supply chain, fulfilling a key role between innovation, research and development on the one hand, and delivery and service on the other hand.

Sales Excellence is the result of a motivated sales force. More than anyone else in your organization, your sales people are the face of your company and interact daily with (potential) customers. Their positive attitude should be contagious, as it reflects a deep willingness to fulfill your customer’s needs and to contribute to your company’s growth. Your sales people should be able to always provide you with a reliable forecast covering an 18 month timeframe and a balanced mix of short, mid and long-term – meaningful – sales opportunities.