From telling to selling

The Sales conversation

From telling to selling

Everyone is a customer now and then. Imagine you want to buy something: How many times do you have the impression you’re  not taken serious by the sales guy? How many is he telling his story and tries to convince you of his product or solution? Sounds familiar, no?

How would it be if the sales person really shows interest in you? And shows this by asking questions instead of pushing messages? It gives a completely different experience. This way of real interaction with the customer and understanding the context and the needs will not only improve the chances to close a deal, but moreover will lead to a sustainable yes.



After the ViCre workshops, salespeople are able to lead real business conversations. They learn to detect and phrase the customer’s needs in a smart way and discover how to relate this to your solutions. Proving to the customers the real understanding of their needs increases their value perception of your solution and of your company. This is what real customer centricity is about.

Furthermore a strong qualification of the needs leads to less scope changes during delivery.


Techniques to find the real need, structure to understand the full scope
Defined high quality business questions
Use the right resource at the right time in the sales process
Make proposal after the business conversation
Back office understands the why
Best practices exchange
Aligned sales team
Questioning and reporting skills
Techniques to sell within the portfolio
Modular approach to be received as tailored to its needs