From proposal factory to customers happy to sign

Building the Proposal and Closing

From a proposal factory to a customer happy to buy

As we all know, a proposal is a key moment in the sales process. Hard to close business without a proposal. But why make a proposal if you know upfront you won’t close it anyway. Some of the reasons often mentioned are: we won’t be asked for the next deal, every customer deserves an offer, nothing ventured, nothing gained… These are just excuses: Sales people are not paid to make proposals, they are paid to close deals.

So why would you continue being a proposal factory? How to postpone the proposal phase till the moment you know your customer will buy?



After the ViCre workshop, the sales persons know how to make the customer see and feel in a proposal he has been understood. Since in a proposal, you don’t only show how the proposed solution fits his needs but also how his life will be impacted when working with you. This approach will lead to less proposals that will be created and sent out, more time to focus on the ones that really matter and less price-negotiation on those ones because the customer feels the value you can bring.

It also improves the hand-over to delivery and service, because they will not only see which solution has been sold but especially what needs to be solved and why.


Proposal framework
Proposals that customers buy
Hit rate increase (less waste)
The perfect proposal format