From fishing to catching the opportunity


From fishing to catching the opportunity

In Sales there is this very special moment where you as a salesperson know that, if all goes normal, you will be able to close the deal. Let’s call it the click moment. It is hard to predict when exactly you reach this point. One thing is for sure: without asking the right questions at the right moment at the right person it’s not even possible at all.

Up till the click moment all the activities done on the opportunity are a cost, without any certainty about a positive end result. And once you took the click, it turns into an investment because the forecastability raised. The sad news is that from the click moment on, you can only lose the deal, because in your head, it was already won. The fish is on the hook, up to sales to catch it.


After the ViCre workshop, salespeople see how this gut feeling fits into the sales process, and what it means in terms of tactics and resources spent on the opportunity.  This approach helps to create a more reliable forecast. Through this, the level of internal buy-in from the sales support team will increase. Next to this sales costs drop and resource allocation improves, because prioritization becomes easier.


Framework and techniques to validate and sharpen the customer need
Techniques to go from no customer need to a customer asking for your solution
The sales person recognizes when it is a high probability opportunity
The sales person understands when he can use internal resources