Exploring the potential, potential for growth…

ViCre, short for Vision Creation, is an internationally operating Belgian company that accompanies enterprises during their business transformations and safeguard their future. That is: Your future. Yes, absolutely. Because in these increasingly uncertain and complex times, change is the only certainty to cling to for companies. ViCre makes sure that CEOs, HR-professionals and business leaders don’t lose track and stay true to their vision while going through innovation processes and reach their targets.

“The nobleman is crucial to take us by the hand and show us the way. It is your choice to be the nobleman.”
— Eddy Helsen


Life equals disorder. The universe started out of nothing but chaos, and ever since, so do all innovations. Chaos is the spark that ignites any transition process. Therefore, we encourage business leaders to accept and embrace disorder, rather than fight it. Because chaos exposes and unveils. When things go unlinear, masks in the business theatre drop off.


In business transformation, the ability to take distance of the physical world is paramount for business leaders. When seriously talking about innovation, you should be able to let your thoughts float away, beyond the boundaries of present reality to get to new approaches, insights, people, concepts or technology that can benefit your company.


Value creation is a critical asset for good leadership and an enterprise’s survival. Yet value comes in many forms and shapes, and only exists when it’s well received. To outnumber competition, enterprises need to create an extra dimension to their product that makes it better, different, special or unique for their receivers.

We make business leaders think and act in a single heartbeat

We do this by providing a methodology and business tools with a proven track record in the automotive, IT, logistics, energy, retail and food sector. Kicking up the corporate dust is what we do first. Products and services, R&D, HR, IT-architecture, sales, care, organisational flows, resource allocation: ViCre-facilitators (we don’t like to call ourselves consultants) will encourage you to think and rethink your value chains over until the blind spots are uncovered. Then we build solutions and strategy, by connecting your co-workers. Because we never instruct what to do, only unveil how to. We provide a common language, you provide the content.

We empower and engage, because we value human capital very highly.
Through workshops, meetings, outdoor events: we go all the way until the entrepreneurial spirit has awakened in every single soul employed by your company. Together we reinvent it, top-down, descending through all business levels, then work bottom-up and back again, from concept to care. Until together we find rhythm, make people think and act again on the pulse of your organisation. Gently we alter its DNA, transforming it into an agile, resilient and competitive organisation that is in tune with its vision and mission, and in sync with a rapidly changing world.

Our values

Sustainability & continuity

At ViCre we aspire to build sustainable organizations. We dive deep with the available resources, creating durable knowledge and ensuring continuous progress.

Resilience & agility

As a person or organization you have ups and downs. Your resilience and agility will bring you back to a balanced state. It means you are prepared for the unexpected.

Authenticity & transparancy

We are who we are and that is what we need to work with. Use your talents to apply what you learn from others and share your learnings.