From guessing to databased blessing

Activity Based Forecasting

From guessing to databased blessing

The main KPI in sales is often the inbound, order intake,… or in other words ‘results’. Today’s obsession with results is huge. But how do you come to results? By doing the right activities! And whereas results cannot be promised, activities can.

So instead of focusing on the outcome, focus on the activities, because it’s activities that are driving business forward. Also in Sales. And this with a good mix of activities on existing customers, and new ones, and a balance of activities all over the sales funnel.


After the ViCre workshop, sales people know how to build a rolling forecast based on activities, supporting the aimed for results. This activity based forecast is not just for the next week or month, but for the year or even 18 months to come. Sales people will have to think about where to go when to do what in order to come to good results.

Putting all this information together gives the sales leader in a glance a view on what the sales team is doing: one overview depicting applied strategies on existing and to be created opportunities.


Reliable sales data
Implemented Activity based forecast in CRM
Activity based forecasting application