Effectivity, efficiency and execution

All three dimensions deserve your attention, as Vision, Strategy and Mission should never be addressed separately.

Business may speak eloquently and elaborately about their dream and have admirable aspirations for their business, but words only won’t set things in motion. Business goals will remain illusions without having a Strategy and a Mission. Concentrating only on how to be efficient, your tactics won’t be grounded in purpose – maybe you will become great at doing something very wrong or invaluable for your company. Overly focussing on execution and accountability, millions of dollars and euros might be drained on actions that possibly were the wrong actions, or that could have been executed differently: better, faster, cheaper, or more efficiently.


“Business leaders should aspire to operate on the intersection of these three dimensions and find the sweet spot of their business: doing the right things right.”
— Eddy Helsen
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As a CEO or enterprise owner you are dealing with change, every day and everywhere to keep your company dynamic, resilient and futureproof. The ultimate balancing act in these times of disruption.

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Business Leaders

Your departments are competent and well-performing but the whole isn’t greater than the sum of its parts. As the manager in charge you want to encourage your co-workers to think value-driven and act fact-based.

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The war for talent is all around us: Attracting the right talents while retaining your current employees is today’s ultimate HR-challenge. We strongly believe in the power of people to make every organization grow wings.

ViCre assists companies to materialize and realize their objectives, in the pursuit of higher efficiency and delivering greater value to their customers.

Since 2004, ViCre’s offbeat, revolutionary approach towards enterprise innovation and value creation has led to enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and sustainable growth with a multitude of international clients. Throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, happy co-workers, customers and shareholders daily enjoy the fruits of these thriving enterprises.